Frederick (Fritz) Strobl, M.D. is the author of the Dr. Jack ParkerStevens Series. An avid reader and thriller fan, Fritz’s love of storytelling, coupled with his experience in the fields of medicine, politics and engineering, inspired him to create and launch his series of medical/political thrillers. His compelling works: Presidential Migraines, Greek Flu, and Cyber Death take readers into the worlds of biological and cyber terrorism—and introduce us to a true yet unlikely hero for our times.

In addition to his literary pursuits, he has been a practicing neurologist for thirty years and Director for many years with the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, the largest independent neurology clinic in the United States. He was formerly the Chairman and President of CNS, Inc., a company he co-founded, best known for creating the revolutionary Breathe Right Nasal Strips®.Fritz is the recipient of numerous awards in engineering and medicine, including the Shapiro Award, given by the University of Minnesota Neurology Department to the highest ranking Neurology Resident based on competitive national practice board examination.

Fritz lives with his wife and two Havanese dogs, Remy and Machiavelli. His dogs usually let him sleep in their bed and stay at their home. Fritz wants to be re-incarnated as his dogs, children or cars.


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