Greek Flu

At his Inauguration, President Kozdronski has received disturbing, but not actionable, intelligence indicating that a highly fatal epidemic going through Greece and the death of an experienced American CIA operative in the Cyclades may be no coincidence. In fact in may relate to an unconfirmed covert biologic lab on the small,sacred Greek island of Delos.

The President needs someone undercover to pose as tourists on a cruise to Greece to try to determine the truth. Who better, the President reasons, than Jack and Dana, two people that certainly deserve a restful cruise?

Not all cruises are restful, however, as Jack and Dana soon find out. In fact, some are dangerous. Can Jack and Dana find the truth about the Greek Flu before either it or the people behind it kill them? And can they do anything to prevent a pandemic?

Praise for Greek Flu
“Fritz Strobl’s latest novel is tantalizing storytelling with a terrorist twist.”
“Great thriller tied to real world possible terrorist threats.”
“Wonderful reading.”
“So captivating that I couldn’t put it down . . . !”

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